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Machine Listing - BioMass Boilers

IEN 126662
Manufacturer Johnston / A.R.E.
Equipment Class Idle Plant Equipment
Boiler HP 600 HP
Capacity 22,000 Lbs/Hr Steam
Type Firetube Boiler
Year 2005
Design Pressure 300 PSI MAWP
Fuel Type Wood / Other Biomass
Model Challenger Burner

  600 HP (18,890 Lbs/Hr) Biomass Steam Plant (Never Used), 1.2MW Elliott Condensing Steam Turbine with KATO Generator, Steel Frame Skid Mounted includes Lube System, 300 PSI MAWP, Johnston Scotch Marine Fire Tube Boiler Design (Max capacity: 22,000 Lbs./Hr). Model: Challenger - BIOMASS COMBUSTION SYSTEM by Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. (A.R.E.). Underfeed Stoker Design with twin feed screw augers. Common forms of Biomass fuels include forest and mill residue, agricultural crops and waste, wood and wood waste, fast-growing trees and plants, and industrial waste. With Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR Fans by Twin City providing combustion air and reducing emissions. (8) Banks of Air-Cooled Condensers by Marley on Steel Frame to condense turbine steam, Condenser Pump System (A.R.E.). Complete system includes: Water Softener and Filter System, DA Tank and Boiler Water Feedwater PUMP Skid with Grundfos Boiler feed pumps. Electro-Static Precipitator (ESP) by AIR-POL; ESP Transformer, ESP Pump System. Electrical Gear Includes: Generator Control Center by Siemens; Plant #2 Switchgear by Siemens; Control Room Switchboard by Siemens; Boiler Control Center (A.R.E.), Combustion Control Center (A.R.E.), and Condenser Control Panel (A.R.E.). Duel Cyclone Separators. All Equipment was new in 2005 except Steam Turbine which was rebuilt when installed. Only test hours were run due to not meeting stringent local emissions requirements. Equipment is in very good condition and available immediately.