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Machine Listing - BioMass Boilers

IEN 126762
Equipment Class Biomass Gasification System
Design Pressure 150 PSIG
Model KC-17 Gasifier
Year 2005
Manufacturer Siemens / PRM Energy
Type Gasifier / Steam Boiler
Capacity 50,000 Lbs/Hr.
Fuel Type Polyester Fluff / Sawdust

  50,000 Lbs/Hr. Bio-Mass Gasification / Steam Boiler System, Integrated by Siemens. Capacity: 50,000 Lbs/Hr. Saturated Steam at a Design Pressure of 150 PSIG. Fuel Consumption: 3.0 Tons/Hr. Blended Waste (Wood Flour and Shredded Polyester), or 5.0 Tons/Hr. Wood Flour. Total Energy: 59.30 – 76.57 MMBtu/hr. The PRME® Gasification Technology is fixed grate, up-draft, sub-stoichiometric and multi-zoned gasification system. A staged combustion process results in hot clean waste gases, which are then used to generate steam for plant consumption, and a waste stream of approximately 300 Lbs./Hr. of Ash. The Primenergy L.L.C. Gasification System includes equipment, instruments and controls designed for the Gasification of carpet waste / wood flour fuel for Syngas delivery to the Energy Recovery boiler. The Gasification System includes: Fuel Bucket Elevator; Reactor Infeed Rotary Airlock; Reactor Infeed Screw; PrimeEnergy KC- 17 Gasifier; Startup Gas Burner; Reactor Underfire Air Fan. According to the manufacturer the PrimeEnergy Gasification process is suitable for wood and wood waste, processed municipal solid waste (RDF), agricultural residues, paper mill sludge, wastewater treatment sludge. Offered separately for this system is a 400 HP Industrial Shredder, Granutech-Saturn Systems Model# M240H, 460V/3PH/60Hz. Chamber Size: 95” x 100”, Rotor Diameter: 20”. Formerly Used on Carpet. Manufacturer states that this model shredder is effective for Plastics, Fiber, Thin Film, Rigid Scrap, Carpet, Medical Waste, Product Destruction, Pallets, Document Destruction. Includes Hydraulic Pump Skid, Feed Conveyor, and was running until shutdown due to process change.