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Machine Listing - 200,000 PPH (+) Steam

IEN 126818
Equipment Class Industrial Steam Boiler
Type Dual Fuel
Year 2001
Capacity 250,000 lbs/hr.
Manufacturer Rentech Boiler
Fuel Type Refinery Gas / #6 Oil
Design Pressure 900 PSI

  250,000 lbs/hr. Rentech Boiler, 690 PSI, 686°F; COEN Low NOx Burner, Superheater, Economizer, and Stack with SCR section and Robinson Force Draft fan with a dual motor / steam turbine drive. Originally built in 2001 and designed for 900 PSI / 740°F the boiler was rerated to 690 PSI / 686°F when relocated in 2014. Included in the rerate was a new a new Burner Management System to meet latest code recommendations during the restart, a new electrical transformer, and other instrument and electrical upgrades. Boiler was well maintained and decommissioned in March 2021.