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Machine Listing - 100,000 - 149,950 PPH Steam

IEN 126097
Fuel Type Natural Gas / #6 Oil
Manufacturer Babcock & Wilcox
Type Water Tube Boilers
Design Pressure 250 PSIG
Capacity 50,000 PPH / Each
Equipment Class Complete Steam Plant

  100,000 Lb/Hr. Complete Steam Plant. Includes Two (2) 50,000 PPH Babcock & Wilcox Package Steam Boiler, 250 PSI, Water Tube D-Type Design. 250 PSI @ 406 degrees F temperature. Heat Side 3763 SqFt, Water Wall 647 SqFt. Boiler has been re-tubed with low hours. Upgraded with Coen burners Model BMS 2000 20D-12440-1, with flame safety system, #6 oil or natural gas fired with 10% flue gas recirculation. Coen 2000 burner control system, with PLC operators station. Control system standard features include dual flame safe guard, first out annunciator, NEMA 4 rating, U.L. Approved components, CSA Approved components, Water Column relays, Scanner meters, Dual fuel capability with low fire fuel changeover. Boiler is skid mounted design. One (1) Boiler of Two (2) available. The entire plant is in good condition, with DA Tank, #6 Fuel Oil Heater, Water treatment, Boiler Feed Pumps, PLC Controls and more. 100,000 Lbs/Hr. steam Total steam plant capacity.