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Machine Listing - 200,000 PPH (+) Steam

IEN 126049
Capacity 251,000 Lbs/Hr
Design Pressure 950 PSI - MAWP
Model Sized for LM6000
Fuel Type HRSG + Nat. Gas
Manufacturer Deltak
Equipment Class Gas Turbine HRSG

  251,000 PPH Deltak HRSG designed for GE LM6000 Gas Turbine Generator. New in 2002. Quatity (2). Unused Surplus. 251,000 Lbs./Hr. Steam at 950 PSI / 750 deg. F (Fired with Duct Burner). With Low Pressure Drum Capacity of 32,000 Lbs./Hr. Steam at 72 PSI / 370 deg. F (Fired). (2) Complete Systems. As originally delivered packages to include: Duct Burner – Natural Gas Fired; HP Superheater; HP Desuperheater; HP Boiler; HP Economizer; LP Superheater; LP Boiler; LP Economizer; Duct Burner Elements; Feedwater Control Valve with Isolation & Bypass Valves; Feedwater Flow Element; Superheater Start Up Valves; Superheater Drain Valves; Desuperheater Stop Valves; Exhaust Expansion Joint; Inlet Gas Ducts; HP Steam Drum & Support Structure; LP Steam Drum & Support Structure; Boiler Trim; Motorized Valves; Walkways & Platforms; Outlet Expansion Joint; Outlet Stack and Transition; Outlet Stack EPA Connections; Outlet Stack Damper with Motor Actuator; HP & LP Boiler Steam Sparging lance with stop valve; Gas Train Fuel Piping Skid; Flame Management System; Feedwater Stop Valves.