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Machine Listing - 200,000 PPH (+) Steam

IEN 125905
Year 1996
Manufacturer Babcock & Wilcox
Capacity 200,000 lb/hr
Model FM120-124LH
Fuel Type Nat Gas / Low NOx
Design Pressure 1000 PSIG
Equipment Class Water Tube Package Boilers

  200,000 lb/hr Low NOx; 1,000 psig Design Pressure; Skid-mounted Babcock & Wilcox Package Boiler. 885 psig @ 750F Superheat by Design; Model FM120-124LH; Mfg. 1996 – Reconditioned 2013; Watertube boiler is set to burn natural gas or #2 oil. Includes: Coen DAF Low NOx Burner; Economizer w/ Structural Steel; Honeywell RM7800 Burner Management Panel (NEW); Fully Metered Combustion Controls (NEW); Forced Draft Fan and 500 HP Motor; Complete Fuel Trains & Pilot Ignition System; Water Column & Site Glass; Steam Pressure Gauge; Low-water Cutoffs; Safety Valves; Feedwater Stop & Check Valves; Blowdown Valves; Continuous Blowdown Metering Valve; Chemical Feed Valve; 3 Element Feedwater Controls (NEW); Fisher Feedwater Control Valve w/ 3 Valve Bypass; Flues & Ducts; Stack (40’); Meets FM, NFPA 85 & IRI Insurance Standards; Operating Manuals & Drawings; Guarantee & Warranty Included.