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Machine Listing - 200,000 PPH (+) Steam

IEN 126224
Model NS-F-72
Year 1998
Type (4) D-Type Boilers
Capacity 240K - 315K PPH
Manufacturer Nebraska
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Equipment Class Complete Steam Plant
Design Pressure 250 PSI

  315,000 Lbs./Hr. Nebraska Boiler Steam Plant, 250 PSI Design Pressure, Natural Gas Fired, complete with DA Tank, Water Treatment, and Feed Water Pumps. Includes: Three (3) 80,000 Lb/Hr. Nebraska Boilers, Model NS-F-72, Water Tube Boilers, Design Pressure: 250 PSI, Year 1998. Natural Gas Fired, Coen DFL-600 Burners, Boiler Surface Sq.Ft.: 6,474 / Each. Includes ERI Economizer, Stack, FD Fan and Motor. Boiler Design Capacity: 100,000 Lbs/Hr. is limited by Burner / Fan size to 80,000 Lb/Hr. All Available Drawings and Engineering Included. Additional 74,500 Lb/Hr, 250 PSI Nebraska Boiler available separately or included with this plant at the same location, with separate DA Tank and Feedwater Pumps. All boilers are available separately or in a package.